[linux-audio-user] Re: Anyone interested in helping with melotron

Emiliano Grilli emillo at libero.it
Fri Mar 18 03:56:31 EST 2005

gioved?, 17 marzo 2005 alle 22:19:45, Juhana Sadeharju ha scritto:
> >> >   At http://freepats.opensrc.org there is a mellotron sample in the flac
> >> > format.
> >> 
> >> Here is a link to a draft SoundFont. No loop points were set,
> >> but looping is engaged. Approximately 12.3Mb.
> >> 
> >>

This one is made by John Check and contains all three sounds.

> >As for looping, in the meanwhile a friendly guy from the italian
> >newsgroup it.comp.musica has done a looped version of the reed:
> >
> >www.viandanze.com/materiale/mello.sf2 (~3.7 Mb)
> Is this last sf2 based on the flac version? 

This one is the reed sound, cutted and looped by Paolo Ingraito.

> How complete the original flac version is? 

There are the 3 mellotron sounds, sampled by a friend of mine who has a
music store and has sampled it before selling it.

> Have the Mellotron tapes recorded from start to end?

Unfortunately not, I think. And now the "real thing" isn't available
anymore. The samples are too short, and aren't complete (I don't know
how long were the original mellotron samples)

> Have the end been faded-out after digitization? Is the end of audio
> the original end on the tapes or has somebody clipped the digitization?

I don't think the notes were sampled for more than some second.

> I'm only curious. Main thing is that the digitization has the start and
> as much as possible the sustained sound.
> I would suggest to use the original non-looped version for most proper
> sound. Not only because it is what Mellotron generated but also because
> the non-looped sounds are better than the looped sounds.

I agree, but that flac is all we have, and we have no more access to the
mellotron. But Paolo's work on looping is good (IMHO) for a 4Mb
soundfont, especially the flute
( http://www.viandanze.com/materiale/melloflute.sf2 )

Best Regards,
Emiliano Grilli
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