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james at dis-dot-dat.net james at dis-dot-dat.net
Thu Mar 31 08:11:14 EST 2005

On Wed, 30 Mar, 2005 at 01:06PM -0600, Ernie Dulanowsky spake thus:
> Here are four tracks I whipped up with SpiralSynthModular. The
> workhorse module was the SpiralLoops plugin, but I did a bunch of
> processing as well.
> Some credit where credit is due: 'machines' and 'cablebox' use loops
> which IIRC were obtained from Fizzarum's website as a teaser for a set
> of sounds they had on offer. The other two tracks use sounds from some
> old commercial releases by a band from Manchester. I'll let you
> guess....
> http://www.pulsewidth.ca/tracks/mp3/fade_v2.mp3
> http://www.pulsewidth.ca/tracks/ogg/fade_v2.ogg
> http://www.pulsewidth.ca/tracks/mp3/machines_in_the_grass.mp3
> http://www.pulsewidth.ca/tracks/ogg/machines_in_the_grass.ogg
> http://www.pulsewidth.ca/tracks/mp3/the_cablebox_fixed.mp3
> http://www.pulsewidth.ca/tracks/ogg/the_cablebox_fixed.ogg
> http://www.pulsewidth.ca/tracks/mp3/the_motionless_bird.mp3
> http://www.pulsewidth.ca/tracks/ogg/the_motionless_bird.ogg

I like these, but...
> Another rapidly developed track.
> Done with Seq24, Noiseweapon from Pawfal, Ecamegapedal, and recorded with
> JACK Timemachine
> http://www.pulsewidth.ca/tracks/mp3/pulsewidth-tryandkeepittogether.mp3
> http://www.pulsewidth.ca/tracks/ogg/pulsewidth-tryandkeepittogether.ogg

...this one is either broken or too weird for me.  It sounds like it's
not playing properly, just sharp regular harsh tones.

> These may not push everyone's button, but hopefully you'll enjoy them
> in some way, shape or form.

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