[linux-audio-user] Publishing videos

Spencer Russell Spencer.Russell at oberlin.edu
Sun May 22 00:49:44 EDT 2005

>I'd like to see ogg vorbis theora spread more. I really 
>dislike binary only codecs. Ogg vorbis theora has really 
>shown us that it's a really cool codec during the LAC.

>The problem in todays software world is not so much closed 
>software against open source software but closed file formats 
>vs. open file formats IMHO.

Are there commonly-used media players in the windows/apple 
world that support theora? I'd like to use open formats if I can, but 
I'd also like for non-techheads to see my work. If possible, it'd be 
nice to provide the theora video, and also a link to download the 
codec, if it integrates with media players that people already have 
on their computer. I think it'd be too much to ask people to 
download a whole other media player, though.


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