[linux-audio-user] Publishing videos

Christoph Eckert mchristoph.eckert at t-online.de
Sun May 22 04:44:24 EDT 2005

> Are there commonly-used media players in the windows/apple
> world that support theora? I'd like to use open formats if
> I can, but I'd also like for non-techheads to see my work.
> If possible, it'd be nice to provide the theora video, and
> also a link to download the codec, if it integrates with
> media players that people already have on their computer. I
> think it'd be too much to ask people to download a whole
> other media player, though.

Yeah, that's the problem. But there's no video format you'd 
like to use supported by all operating systems out of the box 
(except maybe MPEG2).

Theora can be played by the videolan client 
(www.videolan.org), and it is available for Linux, Win and 
Mac, but it urges the user to download and install a further 

Best regards


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