[linux-audio-user] Ardour session file problems

R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Sun May 22 09:23:05 EDT 2005

--- Esa Linna <esa.linna at kolumbus.fi> wrote:
> For some reason, my session file doesn't open in
> latest CVS (nightly 
> tarball) version but it does in latest beta (RPM).
> Ardour only says "Segmentation fault" after
> crashing, when trying to 
> open this file.

I think someone else reported segmentation faults
during file open and sent Paul a useful backtrace. If
you have the exact same problem I'd expect a fix soon.


> QJackctl : "cannot read event response from client
> [ardour] (Resource 
> temporarily unavailable)
> bad status for client event handling (type = 5)
> cannot write request result to client
> could not handle external client request
> unknown source port in attempted connection
> [ardour:auditioner/out 1]"
> (I did sent this also to ardour users list)

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