[linux-audio-user] A Taste of Things to Come

Pete Bessman ninjadroid at gazuga.net
Sun May 22 23:24:07 EDT 2005

Hello Lists,

As some of you may know, I'm the guy who wrote Specimen.  And as a tiny
fraction of that some may know (or care), Specimen hasn't seen an update
in an exceedingly long time.

What, exactly, is going on?

The answer, dear friends, is simple: music.  My introduction to the art
of electronic music composition began precisely when Specimen
development halted.  For a few months, I fumbled around with countless
little songs in an attempt to figure out how one goes about the process
of coaxing the electrons in such a fashion as to result in sonic
euphoria.  And once I reached that point where the magnitude of my
suckiness became bearable, I began writing songs.

This process began in February with the assistance of an old friend, who
lent his discerning ear and exceptional bass talent to the effort.  And
yesterday, we finished step one --- general composition.  We now have 11
rough drafts that will be polished into a full length album and released
next fall --- 100% Linux and OSS produced.

It occurred to us that we might share some of this with all you folks
out there in Internet land, both to stoke the flames of anticipation and
to remind my adoring public that I have not yet shed this mortal coil.
So, I am pleased to present a collection of snippets from the
aforementioned tracks above, pieced together in an easy to swallow


And for those interested in staying abreast of the latest and greatest,
be sure to tune into The State of the Beat:


That's all for now, but don't worry --- I'll be back before you know it.
Kinda like herpes, only better.

Peace out,


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