[linux-audio-user] CLI mixer for envy24 cards?

Mario Lang mlang at delysid.org
Tue May 24 04:33:08 EDT 2005

Edward Barrow <edward at copyweb.co.uk> writes:

> I've got a Terratec DMX 6-fire card (ice1712/envy24 chipset) running
> in a headless box with no X;  I control it from the commandline over
> ssh.
> Does anyone know if there is a way of running envy24control without X?
> or is there a commandline mixer that has the same capabilities?  Or
> even some comprehensive documentation for amix? the man pages are
> fairly cryptic.

The day I am going to buy a M-Audio card (which is fairly soon I hope),
I will have to rewrite envy24control in a NON-GUI fashion.  All my boxes are headless,
because I can not use graphical UIs at all.

I know this is no immediate help for you, but it might show to others
that it is indeed a good idea to go with the KISS idea:  I.e., if you
write something as essential as a mixer control, PLEASE dont wrap it up in a GUI
by default, but make the underlying functionality available in some generic way,
such like as a library, or as a command-line tool.

In any case, when I get my M-Audio and finish raping envy24control,
I'll let the list know.  Its all just C code after all...


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