[linux-audio-user] voicemail?

Mario Lang mlang at delysid.org
Wed May 25 04:14:11 EDT 2005

M P Smoak <smoak at mis.net> writes:


> In my work I use telephone in similar ways.  In both cases, phone calls
> are data.  In both cases, the calls are usually "team interactions"
> and often the team wants to keep minutes of the meeting.
> Right now we have need to replace the tape recorder with a linux recorder.
> So I've hooked-up the old RadioShack adapter to mic in for the SBlive and
> have experimented with reZound (ver 0.11.1beta), one channel using qamix.
> And it works;  a 10 minute .rez file is about 100 meg, a shows an large
> difference in loudness between the local and remote callers, as expected.

I'D suggest asterisk.  IF you can manage to route your conference call
through asterisk, you can nicely record calls with gsm compression.
The resulting files are small, and the sound quality is good, and
you get the same loudness for both ends...


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