[linux-audio-user] voicemail?

anahata anahata at treewind.co.uk
Wed May 25 14:41:17 EDT 2005

On Wed, May 25, 2005 at 12:47:11PM -0400, M P Smoak wrote:
> I looked a bit at resampling.  Am I correct in thinking that
> it is good to record a high sample rate (say 44K), then normalize
> the recorded conversation, and then resample to a lower sample rate
> and save as an ogg or mp3?

Yes, probably best to leave the resampling till last after the other

> You really lost me here.  gsm-utils package is for communicating
> with mobile phones.

Sorry - I think I meant this one:
libgsm-tools - User binaries for a GSM speech compressor

Somebody mentioned speex - that's a very good idea too. I've heard of it
but forgot about it when posting my first reply.

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