[linux-audio-user] Current info on low latency audio and linux

Jack O'Quin joq at io.com
Tue May 31 01:14:23 EDT 2005

"thewade" <pdman at aproximation.org> writes:

> Hello sweet, sweet list!
> I am wondering what the state of low-latency high-performance
> linux audio is?
> I am running 2.6.10 on fedora core with gnome and a few other
> processes (see post script for top | awk \'{ print $13 }\' output)
> and the realtime module (modprobe realtime gid=mygid).
> For performances I stop xscreensaver and cups.

That should work quite well.  Are you having problems with it?

> I saw lots of emails about rlimits: is that some new
> realtime-esque kernel option?


> My questions are:
> Best kernel

The lowest latency is almost certainly one of Ingo Molnar's RT patch
sets.  That's only "best" if it actually works for you.  PlanetCCRMA
gives you the option of a stable, relatively low latency kernel or an
all-out realtime kernel.  If the latter works on your machine, then go
for it.

> Best X (manager and/or settings)
> Best graphics setup for ATI (if it affects audio performance)

I don't know.

> Distro - a distro is just a starting point, right?
>    A tweeked debian machine and a tweaked fedora machine each
>    could each be made as fast as the other, no?

Yes.  Either PlanetCCRMA (Fedora) or DeMuDi (Debian) should work
fine.  Pick whichever you prefer.


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