[linux-audio-user] Current info on low latency audio and linux

thewade pdman at aproximation.org
Tue May 31 15:12:19 EDT 2005

>joq replied:
>>thewade writes:
>> I am wondering what the state of low-latency high-performance
>> linux audio is?
>> I am running 2.6.10 on fedora core with gnome and a few other
>> processes (see post script for top | awk \\\'{ print $13 }\\\' output)
>> and the realtime module (modprobe realtime gid=mygid).
>> For performances I stop xscreensaver and cups.
>That should work quite well.  Are you having problems with it?

Yes. Jack runs fine for about 10 min, then gets all kinds of
xruns, then dies. Other times it gets xruns but keeps going.
I dont get why it runs fine for a while, then has problems.
There is nothing in the log files (excpet jack dieing). Also
I have to have the latency set to 10.7 msec because the mouse
moving from window to window throws clicks otherwise.
Then there\'s the PD latency on top of that.
And the qJackCtl available latency meter is either at 4% or
detecting xruns.

>> I saw lots of emails about rlimits: is that some new
>> realtime-esque kernel option?

Is this better then the realtime module? I looked it up after
your last email but all I could find was that it is \"cleaner\".

It would just be nice to have consistancy. Should I use nice to
bump up PD\'s priority (and not jack cause that is realtime)?


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