[linux-audio-user] Boot Demudi Live from hd

Carlos Pino pinojazz at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 09:47:13 EST 2005

Jody escribió:

> Hi,
> I'm testing Demudi Live v 1.2.1, hope the response is not hidden by my 
> nose, I'd like to run the live-system from hard drive instead of 
> runing from CD-Rom.
> I use parameter fromhd=/dev/my_partition or bootfrom=my_iso_image.iso 
> with KNOPPIX to speed up access, is there a similar cheatcode for this 
> Demudi Live version ?
> With many thanks,
> Jody
 Hi,Demudi Live is only for testing and have some preview of what you 
get when installing demudi but no recommended for installing on hd (I 
don't know if that could be done).You must download the install iso here

 and install from this.

-- Carlos.

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