[linux-audio-user] Boot Demudi Live from hd

Jody jody.noury at linucie.net
Mon Nov 7 10:48:22 EST 2005


Carlos Pino wrote:

> Hi,Demudi Live is only for testing and have some preview of what you 
> get when installing demudi but no recommended for installing on hd (I 
> don't know if that could be done).

I didn't wanted to install Demudi live but wanted to start it from Hard 
disk :)

I've just discovered that It was Ubuntu Live, I was thinking it was a 
Morphix based but it seems to use directly debian-installer ^^

In fact Knoppix allow you to boot from an image (cloop or cloop inside 
iso image) stored on hard drive or flash key with a boot parameter 
(cheatcodes), then system only losts time to decompress files.

> You must download the install iso here
> http://demudi.agnula.org/images/1.2.1/demudi-install_1.2.1_i386.iso
> and install from this.
Live systems allow to show easily a piece of what GNU/Linux knows, you 
are right I have to make one a musician to be able to make one a live :D



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