[linux-audio-user] Boot Demudi Live from hd

Jody jody.noury at linucie.net
Fri Nov 11 06:54:42 EST 2005

Hi all,

Demudi live is nice for me to discover easily how play a musician 
pinguin, I'd like to thanks ones who make or help making it.

At this point I manage to boot from HD since init looks for cloop file 
in CD-Rom.

Demudi live works fine on my principal computer, but I've some problem 
on my laptop a CLE266 graphic based, I think it is about via module wich 
hangs when drm is compiled in kernel (cf: unichrome list) but did'nt 
find how to specify vesa instead.

Well this is not so important because I have manage to show Demudi live 
on my friend's laptop, who is sound engineer and I think he was very 
impressed by jack :)

See you,


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