[linux-audio-user] Update on savihost + Vsti's under wine

Nigel Henry cave.dnb at tiscali.fr
Tue Nov 8 19:40:12 EST 2005

Hi Mark. Right. Here goes. This is on FC2, not Gentoo. I'll have  a go on 
Gentoo when I get the time. Wine is version 0.9-1fc2winehq, savihost is 
version 1.23. I borrowed mfc42.dll from my XP install and put it 
in .wine/drive_c/windows/system32. Savihost.exe I put in the program files, 
and also put Lin-Plugs FreeAlpha synth's .dll in there. Renamed 
savihosts .exe to FreeAlpha, and it worked first go. Now FreeAlpha synth has 
a separate file for it's patches. it will only use the default patch that is 
on the synth But it works. I've been trying a lot of freebie synths, and 
notice that they use  a lot of cpu. Ksim is showing, when idle, between 70 & 
80% cpu useage, and yet the synth itself only shows less than 5% cpu useage. 
VirSyn's MicroTERA. a free synth uses 100% cpu. Not enough to freeze the 
mouse, and even though I did get some sounds out of it, it would not load the 
sound bank. Native Instruments Reactor Session One 4.0, another freebie fully 
operational synth. When installed, this has a .exe and a .dll. Running 
the .exe brings up the GUI, but the only menu item that works is the one for 
sample rate, so cannot connect usb midi keyboard or audio output. The .dll 
through savihost works fine, but again at idle, is showing 50% cpu on Ksim, 
and the synth is showing about 18.8%. The complete patch bank is available on 
this synth. Single notes play ok, but push the cpu on Ksim to about 95%. 
Chords push the cpu useage to 100%+ and become quite broken up. All in all, 
I'm very happy with the way this is going. Hardly anything worked on 
wine-20041019-1fc2winehq, but 0.9-1fc2winehq has certainly made more things 
work. One observation. I tried crystal.dll on numerous occasions, and it 
would not open. At that time only mfc42.dll was in the system32 directory. 
After installing Reactor Session One synth, and perhaps something else, 
more .dll's turned up in system32. I thought I'd try crystal synth again, and 
this time it worked. The extra .dll's are listed below.

Here are a few of the freebie synths I tried, and which worked ok with 
Triangle I & Triangle II from http://www.rgcaudio.com
Interruptor Dub Siren from http://www.interruptor.ch
JXPlugins JX220 from http://www.jxplugins.co.uk
LFObia Mocheese from http://www.electronicscene.com/elektracidz
LRsynths Trionimox from http://www.alphastrike.de
Psychic Modulation Pandemonium from http://www.psychicmodulation.com
Tobybear Screamer  from http://www.tobybear.de
LinPlug Free Alpha from http://www.linplug.com

I'd be really interested in knowing why these synths use so much cpu when just 
lying idle. Nigel.

Machine: Aiii-friend 1.3Ghz, 1GB Ram, Audigy2 soundblaster, Built-in 
Cyberblade i1 graphics.

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