[linux-audio-user] Jack/Hydrogen problem

Comix acominu at tiscali.it
Thu Nov 10 09:55:39 EST 2005

Esa Linna wrote:

> I start Jack with qjackctl and everything's fine with Ardour. But when 
> I try to start Hydrogen, it says "Error starting audio driver". I have 
> tried to change jack as audio driver and restart it, but the same 
> error message appears. With alsa driver it works fine.
> system information:
> Mandriva LE 2005
> 2.6.11-9.mm.9mdk
> From the console (it says Jack is not running, though it is - and I am 
> not running jack as root):
> $ ./hydrogen
> Warning: no locale found: 
> /home/linna/hydrogen-0.9.2-x86/bin/data/i18n/hydrogen.fi_FI
> Hydrogen 0.9.2-x86 [Jul 20 2005]  [http://www.hydrogen-music.org]

Hi, as I can see from the messages, you're using the binary installer. 
The binary installer is built using jack 0.100, make sure the installed 
jack version is the same and compiled with the default tmpdir (/dev/shm).

Hope this helps.

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