[linux-audio-user] Best soundcard for DJing with Linux (Poll)

J_Zar j_zar at openjay.org
Wed Nov 9 20:03:34 EST 2005

Alle 11:09, mercoledì 09 novembre 2005, Esben Stien ha scritto:
> OT: It's really sad that a community portal has ads.

Really OT: Quite true.. But it's really sad to manage a community portal 
without any cash input to pay the efforts! Efforts are: time, code, service 
quality, bandwidth, webspace and so on...
I must say although that Ads in the last 2 years gives me nothing at all 
(Google pays after 100$, and I gain no more than 40$!). And its hard enough 
to gain some donations to the cause (I had a donation of 30 EUR in 3 years 
and a half)... 
I suppose that service / contents of OpenJay.org is not good enough to gain 
donators attention. I'm working to improve it every day. But there is nothing 
bad to try to take back some money with ads... I think ;-P

What about?

Gianluca Romanin
  (aka J_Zar)

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