[linux-audio-user] Best soundcard for DJing with Linux (Poll)

Dubphil dubphil at free.fr
Wed Nov 9 16:10:19 EST 2005

> Really OT: Quite true.. But it's really sad to manage a community portal
> without any cash input to pay the efforts! Efforts are: time, code,
> service
> quality, bandwidth, webspace and so on...
> I must say although that Ads in the last 2 years gives me nothing at all
> (Google pays after 100$, and I gain no more than 40$!). And its hard
> enough
> to gain some donations to the cause (I had a donation of 30 EUR in 3 years
> and a half)...
> I suppose that service / contents of OpenJay.org is not good enough to
> gain
> donators attention. I'm working to improve it every day. But there is
> nothing
> bad to try to take back some money with ads... I think ;-P
> What about?

OT (always, sorry): I second you on the fact that effort to give a
reliable and free community website is rarely rewarded :( . When I began
with oneshotsamples.com, people was able to register freely. Two years
later, the solely reward I had was a copyright infringment pursuit, that
hopefully ended well for me. Now people needs to be invited by members or
must donate a buck to get an invite from me :) Nevertheless ads are not
allowed at the Hyperreal.org hosting and I finally agree with this.
But sacrifice is a big component of the Free Software Ideology isn't it ?
Our developper friends can testify on this...



PS : I recall that I will be happy to give *free* invitation to LAU and
LAD users ;)

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