[linux-audio-user] Re: Best soundcard for DJing with Linux (Poll)

Loki Davison loki.davison at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 03:22:23 EST 2005

On 11/10/05, J_Zar <j_zar at openjay.org> wrote:
> Alle 11:09, mercoledì 09 novembre 2005, Esben Stien ha scritto:
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> Really OT: Quite true.. But it's really sad to manage a community portal
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This is a bit of rant....

I really wonder what people are looking for in a sound card for one.
Any "openjay" should really be given this advice to  start with.

Buy a mixer.
Any application that suggests it is a good idea to use the built in
(i.e computer) mixer/eq/effects etc is well, in my opinion deluded at
best. It's like suggesting to use the computer keyboard for playing a
piano synth. Then what you look for on a card are 2 stereo outs to go
to your mixer. I REALLY suggest some of the developers of the limited
number of dj apps for linux really need to learn how to dj first, on
standard equipment. By this i mean a mixer and sl1200's (or copy of if
can't borrow/limited for cash) or if that's not possible, a worse
option, a mixer and standard club cdj's.

Dj apps really should be modeled on turntables or cdj's. Something
proved to be useful. Anything you can't do on a turntable is pretty
much pointless for djing. A pitch range of > 8% is not in any way a
good idea. If i get outside of +-5% it would be a freak occurrence.
I've actually used djplay http://djplay.sourceforge.net/ in a small
gig. I had my mixer, 2 sl1200's but a very limited collection of vinyl
as i was travelling internationally. I used djplay as a substitute for
a cdj. It wasn't too bad for that, and much more suitable than the
other apps i've used, but in no way to the standard of  a cheap

All linux dj apps seem to have problem with cueing well. By this i
mean finding the first cue point, were to release from in normal vinyl
speak. On a cdj or vinyl these are scrub over the beat you want and
release the vinyl  or press cue on a cdj, in time with the beat on the
other deck. Try doing this on any linux dj app.

Accuracy for pitch is also very limited. For correcting in the mix
(after i had the tunes beatmatched and live, i.e both together) i
would have to correct the vinyl copy not the djplay copy, as small
pitch changes, i.e 0.1% smoothly is VERY hard with current linux dj

In regard to cdj/turntable focus, effects are useless. If people want
to use effects, they can either route the output of the dj prog
through om or jack-rack, or effects loop on there mixer through om or
jack-rack. However neither of these are a good idea, as effects are
really not a good idea in djing, unless you are really to the level
where you can mix perfectly while playing with the effects. After 5 or
6 years of djing (vinyl) for minimum one hour per day, i am not to
this stage.  Layering accapellas, etc is much more fun.

I'm happy to help with any djing questions, however i'm really
wondering why none of this style of info is at openjay.org. If you
want to put my suggestions there, feel free.

end rant!


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