[linux-audio-user] Need a new 'pooter

Bungee bungee at erodin.demon.co.uk
Sat Nov 12 16:06:39 EST 2005

Hi all,

I have become reasonably familiar with Linux, and recently completed the
transfer of all my existing MIDI compositions to a working setup based around
RoseGarden. I have also started experimenting with software synthesisers,
ZynAddSubFX being a particular favourite of mine. However, the problem I now
have is processor bandwidth. I seem to frequently run at more than 70% (as
indicated by Gkrellm) and just a sniff above that and things start to sound
really horrible. Also, the on-board sound card really can't manage the quality I
want, either for recording or playback.

The obvious solution is to build a completely new system specifically for sound
work, but I am totally baffled by the choices. MB, Processor, Memory, Sound
Card, and on, and on...

Can anyone suggest where I can go to get this all put together? I don't mind
paying for a GOOD system, and apart from the fact that all my files MUST be in
an open format I'm not too fussed about which distro/apps to use.

Of course, not only do I want to know what to get, I also need to know where to
get it. Somewhere North of the Isle of Wight would be a good start!


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