[linux-audio-user] Need a new 'pooter

John Mulholland johnmulholland at fastmail.fm
Sat Nov 12 18:42:07 EST 2005

Well audio specific hardware aside, there is a beast of a system which 
would do the job nicely. It is called the DNUK Workstar W420E-HE (1), 
and it is reviewed in this months Linux User & Developer magazine. If I 
had the money, it is what I would go for. Elsewhere, Digital Village are 
doing some dual core stuff at the moment, and are becoming more Linux 
aware. Both of those machines are relatively future proof. Worth 
checking out.

Also whilst rambling about music, I have put together a little 
introductory feature in this months Music Tech Magazine, all about Linux 
music software. Perhaps take a look at that for some ideas or inspiration.

Of course it is a tricky one, money to spend, a new music setup to 
create...... ahhh you get no sympathy!!  :)


1. https://secure.dnuk.com/systems/w420-he.php

Bungee wrote:

>Hi all,
>I have become reasonably familiar with Linux, and recently completed the
>transfer of all my existing MIDI compositions to a working setup based around
>RoseGarden. I have also started experimenting with software synthesisers,
>ZynAddSubFX being a particular favourite of mine. However, the problem I now
>have is processor bandwidth. I seem to frequently run at more than 70% (as
>indicated by Gkrellm) and just a sniff above that and things start to sound
>really horrible. Also, the on-board sound card really can't manage the quality I
>want, either for recording or playback.
>The obvious solution is to build a completely new system specifically for sound
>work, but I am totally baffled by the choices. MB, Processor, Memory, Sound
>Card, and on, and on...
>Can anyone suggest where I can go to get this all put together? I don't mind
>paying for a GOOD system, and apart from the fact that all my files MUST be in
>an open format I'm not too fussed about which distro/apps to use.
>Of course, not only do I want to know what to get, I also need to know where to
>get it. Somewhere North of the Isle of Wight would be a good start!

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