[linux-audio-user] kernel- only slightly better...

thewade pdman at aproximation.org
Fri Nov 18 02:24:35 EST 2005

So the weirdest thing just happened: I got tired of trying to figure out 
why the realtime module wasn't working so i started to play Diablo 2. 
When I finished I read Lee's email and tried it again. Now I get no bad 
RT messages! Now I can go all the way to 64 frames and get no xruns! I 
cannot do 32 frames because the HDSP cant work that small (If I remember 
correctly). PD still gets all scratchy when I move or switch windows.
Is there some latency in loading modules perhaps, like the lsm module 
had loaded but not been fully integrated into the scheduler yet?
Or could it have something to do with the first way I loaded the module:
modprobe realtime gid=500 any=1 (dmesg said groups=any mlock=1)
as opposed to the way I have it loaded now:
modprobe realtime gid=500 (dmesg says groups=500 mlock=1)

 > > --enable-posix-shm
 > Why are you using this option?
Because Emmanuel Saracco sent me this url: 
Otherwise, I assumed that it already was posix compliant. Isint most of 
I guess I am not too sure what POSIX is...

In jack do I want --enable-capabilities or not BTW? Please tell me the 
jack build flags you use.

 > Otherwise it looks like a PD problem. Do you get any xruns at 256
 > frames if you don't connect any clients?

As I said PD pops at 256 frames when I move the windows or change 
windows. I suspect that this is not a PD problem so much as it is a 
window manager problem.
I just built and installed a window manager called fluxbox that is 
supposed to be pretty light-weight as far as processor usage goes, so I 
will reboot and see if that does the trick. You see, I dont really have 
any other sound programs that use jack, but I bet they would do the same 
thing as PD. Everything else isint time dependant.

One last thing: I hear a quiet high pitched noise/hum in the background 
when I start jackd, and it goes away when I stop jackd. What could this 
be? Perhaps use of the ramdisk causes my processor to make more 
electromagnetic noise, that my mixer picks up?

Thank you, all of you, for the help!

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