[linux-audio-user] Transposing an MP3 file

Erik de Castro Lopo mle+la at mega-nerd.com
Sat Nov 19 02:40:02 EST 2005

Peter Clarke wrote:

> Hi all,
> My first post here.  Terrence asked about transposing an MP3 
> file, and Erik's reply is correct in that you can transpose 
> it by resampling, provided you can put up with the music 
> changing speed as well - which is, of course, usually not 
> acceptable.
> However, Audacity has a transpose function.

Yes, using libsoundtouch.

> It's in the 
> Effects menu, called "Change pitch".  I haven't tried it 
> with music, but it works great with speech - making the 
> voice deeper without slowing it down.

It will work much better for speech and monophonic music signals
than it will for normal polyphonic music.

You might however get away with it if the pitch changes is
small (ie a couple of semitones).

  Erik de Castro Lopo
"Try switching to a distribution that actually ..distributes..
things people need." -- Dave Robillard on Fedora Core

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