[linux-audio-user] Transposing an MP3 file

Brett McCoy idragosani at chapelperilous.net
Sat Nov 19 10:38:28 EST 2005

Peter Clarke wrote:

>Hi all,
>My first post here.  Terrence asked about transposing an MP3 
>file, and Erik's reply is correct in that you can transpose 
>it by resampling, provided you can put up with the music 
>changing speed as well - which is, of course, usually not 
>However, Audacity has a transpose function.  It's in the 
>Effects menu, called "Change pitch".  I haven't tried it 
>with music, but it works great with speech - making the 
>voice deeper without slowing it down.
There are also pitch shifting LADSPA plugins.

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