[linux-audio-user] amd64 - distro questions...

Piotr Pruszczak p.pruszczak at pro.onet.pl
Mon Nov 21 03:13:20 EST 2005

Dear Sirs,

I used to work with Debian (for 2 years as desktop) and I purchased 
amd64 3 weeks ago just to have top performance and possibility to use 
some dssi software / syntezathors etc...

Just, I need some advise from Gentoo users - as I have to say, that I am 
just a little bit disappointed with poor *deb repositories, problems 
with dependencies and ... just I am thinking of "switch" by audio 
station to Gentoo (I love Debian for philisophy of GNU && independence 
and always will, however I WANT TO MAKE THE MUSIC ;)  )

So, please AMD64 Gentoo guys, advise me - am I thinking right or not ?

Also, how REALTIME LSM is working with Ingo Molnars patched kernel 
2.6.14* / is DSSI working properly / maybe any Audio manuals for Gentoo ?

and of course - I am interested in PURE64 architecture ;)


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