[linux-audio-user] amd64 - distro questions...

Noah Roberts roberts.noah at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 12:00:32 EST 2005

On 11/21/05, Piotr Pruszczak <p.pruszczak at pro.onet.pl> wrote:
> Dear Sirs,
> I used to work with Debian (for 2 years as desktop) and I purchased
> amd64 3 weeks ago just to have top performance and possibility to use
> some dssi software / syntezathors etc...
> Just, I need some advise from Gentoo users - as I have to say, that I am
> just a little bit disappointed with poor *deb repositories, problems
> with dependencies and ... just I am thinking of "switch" by audio
> station to Gentoo (I love Debian for philisophy of GNU && independence
> and always will, however I WANT TO MAKE THE MUSIC ;)  )
> So, please AMD64 Gentoo guys, advise me - am I thinking right or not ?

I would say yes, but I never liked Debian; I always thought it had a
pretty hideous package setup even if it is better than some
competition like RPM.

You will dig the fact that Gentoo will download and install all
dependancies, but something you didn't have before is you have some
say in what those dependencies are.  Since 99% of the packages are
built from source you can configure features in or out depending on
your needs.  No binary package system offers this.

Most programs have ebuilds and are thus "part" of the Gentoo
distribution.  I rarely find something that doesn't have a package or
has a package significantly out of date.  Also, especially beneficial
to the AMD64 user like me, the gentoo package system flags packages
that work, don't work, or are untested.  This is nice because it keeps
you from updating a package with something that is known to break on
your architecture.

I don't know what the DSSI thing is.  I have RT in the .14 kernel and
the only problem I am having is software hibernation (suspend to disk)
crashes somewhere in the RT functions.  Nobody but a laptop user like
me cares about this a great deal.

I used to use Slackware because I never enjoyed the binary package
systems offered by the other distros.  When I bought an AMD64 I could
no longer use Slackware and get the benefits of the new system.  I
tried Gentoo and have never looked back...I use it everywhere now.  It
is, IMHO, the best distro out there.

You will run into things that don't work as well on the AMD64.  Flash
doesn't work at all and you need a 32 bit version of firefox to view
these websites.  Gentoo makes this really easy to set up.  I do have
issues with QSynth and its underlying program (forget its name).  Last
I tried it did manage to make some scratching noises but I have never
gotten it to work.  Newer versions than 3 months or so might do
better.  That's about it, most other shit works great.  With a mix of
having mostly 64 bit programs, a kernel that has 32 bit entry
functions, and the 32 bit compat libraries and some 32 bit programs is
a great way of doing things.  Most stuff is 64 and then things that
don't work or work oddly, like flash or openoffice, can be installed
as 32 bit programs and run as normal - you never notice the diff.

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