[linux-audio-user] amd64 - distro questions...

Emanuel Rumpf x at branwelt.de
Mon Nov 21 16:10:25 EST 2005

Piotr Pruszczak wrote:

> I have to say, that I am just a little bit disappointed with poor *deb
> repositories, problems with dependencies and ... just I am thinking of
> "switch" by audio station to Gentoo (I love Debian for philisophy of
> GNU && independence and always will, however I WANT TO MAKE THE MUSIC
> ;)  )

I first installed demudi, but ran into depency problems, when I mixed
the repositories with debian ones.
(when I updated jackd, rosegarden was deinstalled and other jokes ;-)
So, my advice is not to mix repositories.
Now I'm running debian with a custom kernel and get most packages from
the debian repository. Since the debian repository doesn't have many
audio-apps,  many of those I'm running are self compiled, but most other
packages are binaries from the debian repos.
Going this way, I have access to a huge amount of precompiled apps, my
audio apps are up-to-date and installation-work is limited.
Regarding 64-architecture, I have no idea.

Regards, Emanuel

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