[linux-audio-user] Linux-Music and making a living...

Ken renueden at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 7 16:35:08 EDT 2005

if it hasn't been done, it NEEDS to be done...

certainly my goal.


Hector Centeno wrote:

> Hello,
> Yesterday I was having a little of a debate with a good friend about 
> the possibilities of Linux/open-source audio and music software in the 
> music market. What are your opinions about this? Is someone there 
> actually making money using Linux and/or open-source software? Is it 
> possible to be competitive in a market full of musicians/composers 
> using Win/Mac+proprietary software (Cubase, Reason, ProTools and  
> friends)? Probably this has been addressed more than once previously, 
> so sorry for insisting... I think I need some encouragement!
> Thank you!
> Hector.

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