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You saved me writting this email many thanks.
Just wait untill the first major band becomes a major band with more 
sales than mainstream, and the bubble will burst.

people will be flocking the the Opensource/C-commons setup.

Just like the buisiness was in the 70's (many smaller labels all competing)


> How about specifics?  There's a system out there, that says, get signed 
> by a major record label, and you get rich.  How about an Open Source 
> plan, one with clear steps to follow?
> Sell 20,000 CDs and get 50% of the USD$10 price/CD, and we're earning 
> USD$100,000 a year, just from CD sales.  But, how do we do that? 
> Specifically!?
> First step:  Our mindset has to be just right.  Think of all the 
> singer/songwriter/musician types in the world that have no idea how to 
> turn on a computer, let alone record their own stuff on their own 
> recording studio that cost them peanuts, even free, if they're broke, 
> like me.  I have one.  Realize that we list members are miles ahead of 
> the game, and get going.
> Next step:  We can't sell those 20,000 CDs, if we don't offer them to 
> listeners.  Get our online store running now.  If we have no money, then 
> use an online store that will front all the costs up front.  They'll 
> package our CD song file(s), print our CD covers, inserts, and put it in 
> a case, send it out, provide the merchant account so people can pay with 
> credit card online, and we spend nothing out-of-pocket. 
> www.cafepress.com is a good starting point.  Look around, and get your 
> music packaged for purchase.
> Who buys one song on a CD, and a work in progress at that?  Our mothers, 
> for one.  She'll also be buying a shirt, hat, mug, and all the other 
> standard gear.  Oh, and she'll buy a lot of the personalized postage 
> stamps. . . did you know you can sell your personal postage stamps?
> Next step:  Follow the licensing that Tim and Russell and Cesare talk 
> about.  It sits on top of your copyright, specifically to open up extra 
> protection on the Internet, and make our dreams come true.
> Once all that's done, it's done.  From then on, just a matter of 
> updating, improving, and marketing/communicating.  Twenty years from 
> now, we're doing whatever we're doing, and the steps taken are still 
> brand new and interesting to future listeners.  In other words, our 
> music CDs are for purchase by listeners, just as they were twenty years 
> ago.
> Ten Mile Tide band put some of their songs on the P2P circuit, and six 
> months later, all members of the band were able to quit their day jobs. 
>  It didn't happen, until they acted.  They didn't wait for the perfect 
> song, they just did it.  It works.  If you need a cheerleader, help 
> getting your store, internet strategy up and running, let us know.  All 
> our services are free.
> Tom


             hearmymusic.co.uk <http:www.hearmymusic.co.uk>

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