[linux-audio-user] Jamin/Ardour export bug and question

studio-64 fsmith at walescomputers.co.uk
Mon Sep 12 05:13:08 EDT 2005

I'll try and answer this.

Your piping the master out of the source track complete with all effects 
to Jamin (try hearing just the master outs, are the effects on there 

You need to be sure what your monitoring, ie: are you hearing the right 

I normaly run jamin outputs to 2 extra inputs on my mixer to be sure 
that what I hear is what is going to disk.
Jamin will allow you to output to multiple outputs, you must hear what 
the new tracks are 'hearing'

Ok so you have:
tk 1 source music Left
tk 2   "      "   Right
These two tracks have effects on them going to master out (on the master 

Are you running these two tracks into jamin and bypassing the master?

Make sure your hearing the final mix and not just the source through Jamin.

Hope this helps.


Peder Hedlund wrote:
> Bug (?) :
> I have a 24 bit stereo track in Ardour connected to Jamin and returned
> to another stero track. When the mastering is done I export the mastered
> track to 16 bit wav. Everything works, but after Ardour has exported 100%
> (and before closing the export screen) it's dead for 15-45 secs.
> During this, 'top' shows 85-95% CPU usage for Jamin.
> If I close Jamin before exporting, Ardour responds directly.
> Question:
> I have an Ardour session with 17 tracks that have EQ, compression and
> the occasional effect pre-fader, a phaser on a pre-fader send bus and a
> stereo reverb pre-fader on the master bus.
> If I route the master bus to Jamin and back in on a stereo track
> the Jamin output sounds fine, but the stereo track ends up with none of
> the effects.
> Is it impossible to do a multitrack mastering with the effects intact
> or am I doing something wrong?
> HW/SW specs: AMD AthlonXP 1200+, 512MB RAM, SB Live!, kernel 2.6.12
> rlimits, jack in RT mode. Ardour CVS from Aug 31 and Jamin CVS from
> mid/end July.
>  Regards,
>    Peder

             hearmymusic.co.uk <http:www.hearmymusic.co.uk>

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