[linux-audio-user] Good free or low cost hosting for music files?

October extremecs at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 25 23:27:05 EDT 2005

Ok, I remastered with more master gain, stuffed the
drum track through LADSPA Dyson Compressor and Stereo
Reverb, and did an adaptive normalization with
ReZound.  Should at least be a bit louder ;)

Now I just need to figure out how to replace the
original track.

Thanks again for the feedback!

--- Shayne O'Connor <forums at machinehasnoagenda.com>

> October wrote:
> > Thanks!  I'll look in to it now!
> > 
> hey, thanx for uploading Deep Space Contact - I like
> it a lot! i think 
> it may need to be normalised, though ... it sounds
> really quiet here ... 
> also, it would sound good with heaps more
> compression on the beats - 
> maybe bring the kick out more? really nicely laid
> out, though, and some 
> great use of samples etc ...
> any chance you could break the songs into seperate
> tracks, zip them up 
> and upload them as well? this is the sort of track
> that the site could 
> really use, perfect for remixing :)
> keep it up!
> (i'm thinking of integrating a forum on the site,
> could be a good idea 
> ... works well on ccMixter).
> shayne

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