[linux-audio-user] 5.1 encoding...

SoNicX sonicx_ at gmx.net
Thu Apr 6 05:14:16 EDT 2006

my idea would be the following:
as far as i know audio-dvd is the same thing in general as a video dvd, but 
instead of, or possibly also besides, the video_ts dir on a video dvd, audio 
data has to be put in similar naming maner into audio_ts (or something like 
that). those directories have to be isod with a videodvd flag, or simply 
using k3bs functions for that. k3b show a window to pop files in, usually a 
bunch of mpg videos, but you could try that with mpg audio. id try to encode 
the waves (why not also first put all channels into one wave with a tool like 
snd) into some mpg1 multichannel audio. 
thats just a ruff guess how to do this, but maybe it helps.

On Thursday 06 April 2006 10:49, Aaron Trumm wrote:
> Hello all...
> For those that I haven't already asked this directly *grin* - does anybody
> know of software to encode dolby 5.1 (or DTS 5.1 - preferably both) in
> linux?
> that, and how exactly this process would go - i'm getting into doing music
> for 5.1 here at ccrma and sure I can route six channels around, or 5 or 8
> or 10, and mixdown to whatever, but once i've got 6 wave files, that's
> where i'm clueless as of yet.
> the analogy being:  for stereo i've got two wav files - well ok one 2
> channel wav file.  to bring it to a buddy's house, i've got to use cdrecord
> or k3b or xcdroast to burn a cd - voila.  easy stuff, we all know that.
> but what about to bring a 5.1 dvd-audio to a buddy's house?  hell i don't
> even know what i'd do in windows or mac.  take six seperate .wav files and
> open up iDVD or DVD studio pro and say "ok these are the six channels make
> a dvd"?  *scratches bunny head*
> no I don't know why bunny
> thanks in advance! :)
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