[linux-audio-user] Software suitable for children

michael at michaelshiloh.com michael at michaelshiloh.com
Sat Dec 9 15:43:28 EST 2006

>> >  Squeakland: http://www.squeakland.org/  - click on "What is Squeak" for 
>> >  a good overview
>> > 
>>  Brad, every once in awhile an application comes along that makes all the
>>  work
>>  we do seem worthwhile. I just installed squeak on my Ubuntu machine and
>>  was
>>  instantly having fun. This will work wonders in my work with kids. Thank!
>>  Michael
> By the way, I'm working on some squeak morphics to manipulate music and 
> output data via OSC (eg. envelopes, pianorolls, knobs).
> It's a pity that the audio (an in general the multimedia) aspects of squeak 
> have been left behind in recent development.

I've joined the squeakland mailing list and hope to learn more from the
conversations there, and of course experimenting with squeak as well.

I'm particularly interested in working with kids to build mechanisms using
motors and relays, controlling them via computer, and integrating with images
and/or sounds on the computer. I'm pretty happy with my hardware interface and
construction methods (foam core, hot glue, motors from solarbotics, objects
removed from discarded electronic equipment, which the kids help take apart,
etc.) but I've been searching for an easy-to-use, free, Linux supported
multimedia environment that would support this. Squeak might be exactly what
I've been looking for. Would you have any final thoughts on where I might look
next in researching how squeak can help me here, or find others doing this sort
of work with squeak?

Thanks again for all your advice,

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