[linux-audio-user] Attracting more Linux audio developers

Mathias Friman mathias.friman at knorca.se
Sun Dec 10 17:14:46 EST 2006

On Sun, 2006-12-10 at 16:17 -0500, Ivica Ico Bukvic wrote:
> > I've tried that approach with for instance ladspavst.linuxaudio.org.
> > However, my contributions were not accepted. I did a new CSS to increase
> > readability on the site. I've also contributed to the Audacity-wiki.
> Do you mind saying what was not accepted? Although linuxaudio.org hosts
> ladspavst, it is not administrated by the linuxaudio.org personnel, but by
> Tim Orford. Still, in the ongoing effort to consolidate resources, it is
> concerning to hear that community efforts are being discouraged...

Don't put too much weight into that, as stated, all I did was a CSS-file
that changed the colours and spacings for the tables at ladspavst... I
posted it using the feedback-link on the page and included my email. It
is very possible that the message didn't even get through..

Facts are:
1. I posted my CSS-file on the ladspavst.linuxaudio.org site
2. I did not get an answer, and 
3. nothing has yet happened to the site

As Samuel L. Jackson said in The Long Kiss Goodnight, "when you make an
assumption, you make an ass out of you, and -umption." But I assumed
that my contribution to the site was not accepted. No hard feelings. :)

Regarding the webmastering, I just might be interested, but I'm not sure
that I can put in the effort required. I am of the opinion that the
Linux audio community should gain from having a consistent layout on the
sites, perhaps even a set of prominent links like for instance the
OSDL-sites. This would require some serious work. How many people are
involved today?


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