[linux-audio-user] Thesis: Playing and making music

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Sun Dec 10 21:52:42 EST 2006

Esben Stien wrote:
> Fons Adriaensen <fons at kokkinizita.net> writes:
>> It gives me the shivers when I hear this. To compare this to the
>> skills of a gamer seems a joke to me.
> I disagree wholeheartedly;). As a die hard free software first person
> action gamer, I find what I do to be an art; just as my jujutsu is an
> art, which is not just about hitting someone in the head. A gamer is a
> new thing and to get respect for the art is hard, as what is generally
> the impression is just kids playing computers;).
> I guess only a gamer can respect the artistic value;). You may have
> the impression that first person action is just running around dumb,
> shooting stuff, but please be a little more open and acknowledge that
> there are gamers who don't have this view.

Gee, I clearly don't want to discount the skills of a gamer. I've been 
in the business of video game development since 1982, I know the 
business and those who play games. I also went to music school and am 
classically trained. I won't elaborate any more on my background, it 
sounds too crass ;-)

I'm sure you'll all agree that there is quite a bit of skill to learning 
a musical instrument. There's no argument here, right.

But, the art of expressing a piece of music with the skills one has 
toiled many years to acquire is clearly not the same as the skills 
acquired playing a video game(s) and the act of playing the game.

Perhaps people are mixing the definition of "skills" with the true 
meaning of "art". They are not the same.

Then I ask: what art are you expressing when playing a game?

brad fuller
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