[linux-audio-user] Thesis: Playing and making music

Esben Stien b0ef at esben-stien.name
Mon Dec 11 18:47:02 EST 2006

Brad Fuller <brad at sonaural.com> writes:

> what art are you expressing when playing a game?

The individual feeling of alertness concentration put into every move
is communicated when watching; the dedication transmits and reveals
itself, as well as intelligence. Each sequence of moves planned and
executed are like a performance. The creativity to build patterns,
producing systems of techniques, that outsmarts the opponent. The
gamer creates illusions to fool and manipulate the opponent into
thinking what he wants them to think; to lay his trap.

Good gamers recognize this and identify with fooling the human mind,
as well as the finesse and elegance he may apply to his style. When
you feed the inputs of the mind, you're able to predict the outcome,
if you are smarter than your opponent.

"About 95% of the concepts, ideas and moves are only done in the mind;
the other 5% is the physical manifestation of the 95% unseen and
unmoved. Nothing is hidden but only those who look will ever see the
underlying beauty of this art form. There are none so blind as those
who will not see" - Kel

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