[linux-audio-user] [ANN] yet another linux sound wiki.

Mathias Friman mathias.friman at knorca.se
Mon Dec 11 05:49:07 EST 2006

Marc-Olivier Barre wrote:
>> > open for editing to all registered users
>> How is the one we already have, not perfect?

> It's nice, but it will need to evolve, since software also evolves.

I don't know if it is just me, but isn't a wiki the worst case scenario for this
site? It is a link collection, and most, if not all, of the software in the links
already have websites of their own to some extent. A wiki, and this one
seems to be no exception, lacks a clear navigational structure, or at least 
overview. The basic questions that need to be answered are:

1. Where am I?
2. Where can I go?
3. How can I get back?

and in a wiki those questions are harder to answer than in a regular menudriven
website. And first and foremost, most wikis are fairly ugly. ;)

The aspect of community driven content however, is something that I stand behind,
but some smaller projects that I have been involved in have not benefited from it. I'm of
the opinion that some sort of form to fill in would suffice for the information necessary,
and then a number of volunteers to format that information.

And so there is no question about my bias: Yes, I have already sketched on such a
website and made a first layout using the original content from linux-sound.org.  But that
is not the point I'm trying to make, I'm glad to have done this in vain if only the final result
is better. :)

Some good information may be found at http://www.useit.com/papers/webwriting/
if you are interested about writing for the web.

Highest regard,

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