[linux-audio-user] Focusrite Saffire LE vs. Presonus Firebox

Daniel Wagner wagi at monom.org
Tue Dec 12 07:49:22 EST 2006

> I'm looking to buy some firewire sound card, and I have got a very good price on a
> Focusrite Saffire LE, but it says on the Freebob website about the Saffire:
> "FireWire Interface with DSP - DSP and mixer not supported by FreeBob". What does
> this mean practically? 

IRC, the Saffire has configurable mixer build in and a DSP which freebob 
has no control software (gui etc) for it. If the basic setup (after 
powering the device up) is ok for you, the thing should work with 
freebob. But you can't change anything at this point.

> Which are the pros and cons compared to the Presonus Firebox which I can obtain for
> a marginally higher price? Is the Focusrite Saffire LE even fully workable under Linux?

I don't think so (see above)

> If "mixer" means the included control software for Windows, what possibilities for 
> controlling the device exists?


> And is the support for the Firebox sufficient, or should I go for something completely 
> different in the same or even lower pricerange?
> I'm thinking of even buying a Presonus Firepod if I can get it at a good price, is this
> something that is 100% supported, or are there still things that need to be fixed?

Freebob works fairly good but nothing is 100%. There are a few people 
around which use those devices. Maybe some of them can drop a line if it 
works for them.


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