[linux-audio-user] Re: Attracting more Linux audio developers

Esben Stien b0ef at esben-stien.name
Fri Dec 15 19:11:08 EST 2006

"Ivica Ico Bukvic" <ico at vt.edu> writes:

> Please do not take what follows personally

I'm very hard to offend;). 

> I know for sure that this particular thing bothers only you

;), not so sure.

The problem is, I don't believe in a documentation system where you
have to register; I've seen too many that gets updated so very

> I've not gotten a clear answer whether you would be willing to put
> in time to maintain such a potential spamfest of a Wiki.

My answer was that the user does this himself. Each time the user
visits the wiki, if there is spam there, he reverts it to a previous

We can have a feed, like Fugal, that notifies us of updates; if
someone spams we'll know immediately, but nevertheless, a user is
fully capable of reverting to a previous revision; it's not like a
wiki is unknown territory.

There should be no reason to maintain a wiki in the common sense, as
far as I believe.

> on behalf of linuxaudio.org I am inclined to make an offer to the
> Linux audio community that favors majority

I understand your position, but also understand my disbelief. I can
understand that people don't want spam, but I only see less
contributors with such a scheme. I can only speak for my own behavior,
seeing myself editing frequent Fugal entries, in this context. In
other contexts, when I stumble over incorrect or outdated entries of
information at sites where you have to register, I just continue my
Internet navigation, except some instances where I send a mail to the
administrator, asking him to free the wiki.

> I can almost guarantee it that Wikipedia will decline a full-blown
> documentation page simply because Linux audio software, just as any other
> software is a moving target which may radically change, making documentation
> outdated, and/or become deprecated, making respective wiki pages obsolete,
> and as such should not be a part of an online encyclopedia. 

I'm not so sure about my stance on wikipedia and I'd like to hear what
other people feel. I know that I will back such an effort if people
want it and of course, contribute. 

> Hence, this one will be out of the race before you know it (unless
> we use it as a general introduction/portal to other resources in
> which case it does not collide with the existence of a dedicated
> Wiki, but rather, it is there to redirect traffic

Yes, but the wikipedia issue will not go away. As long as you have
reference, wikipedia will keep the entry, because an encyclopedia
documents the past and the present.

> As far as the LAD Wiki is concerned, I am not sure which one you are
> referring to

The potential future one that you talk about. 

> as long as we propose fragmentation of the humble Linux audio scene
> because of our hard-line stands/preferences [..] we will be spending
> immense amounts of time and effort reinventing the wheel. 

It's more a fact. If you make a registration required wiki, someone
WILL make a non registration required wiki. 

How about just setting up a wiki, have it open and see how it
goes?. How about just pointing wiki.linuxaudio.org to the Fugal wiki,
work on it and see how the cookie crumbles?.

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