[linux-audio-user] Re: Attracting more Linux audio developers

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Fri Dec 15 13:53:54 EST 2006

Please do not take what follows personally, but rather as a critical
observation of your comments. :)

> As long as there is no solution to combine not registering and
> registering, there will at least be two wikis'.

Well, so be it. Please correct me if I am wrong, but so far I know for sure
that this particular thing bothers only you, and I've not gotten a clear
answer whether you would be willing to put in time to maintain such a
potential spamfest of a Wiki. Hence, on behalf of linuxaudio.org I am
inclined to make an offer to the Linux audio community that favors majority
(again, please correct me if I am wrong).

> Wikipedia might not be the best solution, I agree, but if we don't use
> it, there will probably be a split, now 4, but minimal 3:
> Wikipedia, Fugal and the LAD wiki.

I can almost guarantee it that Wikipedia will decline a full-blown
documentation page simply because Linux audio software, just as any other
software is a moving target which may radically change, making documentation
outdated, and/or become deprecated, making respective wiki pages obsolete,
and as such should not be a part of an online encyclopedia. Hence, this one
will be out of the race before you know it (unless we use it as a general
introduction/portal to other resources in which case it does not collide
with the existence of a dedicated Wiki, but rather, it is there to redirect

As far as the LAD Wiki is concerned, I am not sure which one you are
referring to, but if it is already a part of the linuxaudio.org domain, I am
quite sure that a cross-pollination of ideas and/or consolidation will be
possible, hence this is most likely also a non-issue.

So, IMHO this leaves us with only two possibilities: Fugal and what I've
proposed. If Fugal maintainers are willing I would love to see a
collaborative endeavor develop between linuxaudio.org and Fugal.

We simply must understand that as long as we propose fragmentation of the
humble Linux audio scene because of our hard-line stands/preferences (most
of whose impact is superficial at best while creating an unreasonable amount
of overhead), we will be spending immense amounts of time and effort
reinventing the wheel. This fact alone should make any sane person cry from

Best wishes,


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