[linux-audio-user] Pd produces many Xruns

chris beagles christhemonkey at gmail.com
Sun Dec 17 15:02:07 EST 2006

Evening list,

Today i tryed playing around with pd for the first time, and enabled
the audio system to use jack, which works fine except for:

If I move the mouse and it crosses the boundary between two windows, I
then get reports of Xruns from within pd in the main window and the
sound crackles accordingly.
Qjackctl does not report any of these xruns.

This is getting a little annoying and may leave me having to leave pd
for now as i need to utilise my mouse whilst using it.

I am running Ubuntu Edgy with a 2.6.17-rt kernel and jack as realtime.
If I do not enable the audio system within pd then this problem does not occur.

Any help much appreciated.


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