[linux-audio-user] qjackctl patchbay - individual ports of a client?

Larry Troxler lt at westnet.com
Sun Dec 17 19:37:40 EST 2006

It seems that the qjackctl patchbay only works with clients as a whole - 
you cannot selectively connect individual ports within a client. I'd 
just like to verify that this is really true.

If the connections in the "Connections" dialog were saved as a 
configuration file, that would help, but I think that this is not the case.

The reason for this question is that it seems that pd cannot generate 
multiple jack clients, and I want to route more than one qsynth engine 
into it.

In the meantime, I am setting up scripts that use jack_connect and 
aconnect, but this is a bit tedious. I'm using DeMuDi 1.2 (I don't know 
why I waited so long to try it!)

So, if anyone has suggestions or clarifications, I'd be very grateful.

Thanks as always to the list members for their unfailing help and 


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