[linux-audio-user] 64 studio

Chuckk Hubbard badmuthahubbard at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 17:45:02 EST 2006

On 12/21/06, Malte Steiner <steiner at block4.com> wrote:

> So first suggestion to Chuckk would be trying different jackd settings.
> ACPI is known to be broken because strange implementations by the
> manufactures. Under nonrealtime 32bit Ubuntu I needed to boot with
> acpi=off noacpi parameters to avoid xruns, for strange reasons I dont
> need it on 64 Studio anymore.
> Maybe a low ressource windows manager helps in your case so check out
> Blackbox which is in the Debian AMD64 repos. Blackbox is really bare
> bones so dont forget to install xterm so you can start programms. When
> you rightclick in the bare desktop a menu comes up with the xterm entry.
> Of course Blackbox can be configured to be more convinent, its just for
> testing.
> In general I am happy with 64 Studio. Nonrealtime stuff like Cinelerra
> is much more responsive too. What I miss are some packages but I guess
> they will be added/updated soon. Namely csound 5 would be great, I cant
> get it running at the moment. The repos holds an old 4.23 version and a
> pure data version without many important externals and a bug with the
> tablewrite function. I tried to compile on my own but failed so far, I
> get many errors, I already posted to the appropriate mailinglists.

More and more I don't want to work my way through all of this.  Thank
you for the tips, but I'm finding now audio isn't working at all.
I was able to compile Pure Data 1.40, its externals, and Csound5, but
the more I think about it the less certain I am which laptop I was


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