[linux-audio-user] 64 studio

Malte Steiner steiner at block4.com
Thu Dec 21 18:02:33 EST 2006


Chuckk and Dave, please tell me how you did the compile, there is a 
problem with mismatching jackdevel-lib version in the Debian AMD64 repo, 
did it gave you trouble?

Chuckk I am sorry to hear that and I am often in the same 
And-All-I-Wanted-Is-To-Do-Some-Music mood but it pays off. Using Linux 
is also a political thing for me and there is no way back. I was 
longtime Windows user (but I started with a Siemens Minicomputer at 
school learning UCSD Pascal, than C64, than Amiga, so the number 64 
during the boot gives me some odd cosy feeling :) ), than Apple OSX, but 
I cant stand bigcompany bullshit anymore. There must be something odd 
with your machine and/or configuration. Maybe another distribution helps 
a bit, I checked out several ones in the last couple of days before I 
decided to go the 64 Studio route. Suse Jacklab seems to be interesting 
too although I cant get any lower than 10ms on the same computer with 
that Kernel.



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