[linux-audio-user] Re: Just JAMin

lanas lanas at securenet.net
Thu Dec 21 19:16:38 EST 2006

On Wed, 20 Dec 2006 20:22:46 -0500
Joe Hartley <jh at brainiac.com> écrivait:

>>   Is there an easier way to record a JAMin mix than by using
>> Ardour ?
> I usually add an insert to the master channel in Ardour and connect it
> to JAMin.  Then when it sounds the way I want, I simply do an export.

That sounds (pardon the pun) good.  I gave it a try but got terrible
results.  Here's how I tried it (Ardour is installed in French, so I
translate the terms, please adjust if necesscelery ! ;-)

  In the mixer window I clicked on 'output' and then 'edit' so that I
get the 'output master' dialog box in which we see options such as 'add
an output', 'remove an output', 'disconnect the whole thing'.  In the
tabs there's one for JAMin since it's already up and running.  I click
on the JAMin tab, and add something and then the sound goes way out of
control.  So on so forth.

  Better yet, is there a web page somewhere out there that explicitly
describes the steps to do this kind of audio manipulations using these
very precise tools ?

  If you know, please lettuce know !  ;-)


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