[linux-audio-user] LASH is making me crazy

Brian Dunn job17and9 at sbcglobal.net
Thu Dec 21 23:26:59 EST 2006

Ken Restivo wrote:
> LASH has me stuck in an endless loop.
> It's running, and several daemons and programs are talking to it (fluidsynth, f'rinstance). But I can't figure out how to use it or what to do with it.
> I fire up lash_control. I try to create a new project. I type in "help"... there are lots of commands, but "NEW" isn't one of them? Fine, then, maybe I'll just save the current state. I type in save and a name. It tells me, "No project selected". Oh K... I type in "list", and it tells me, "No projects". Fine then, dammit, maybe I cna name this thing, so I type "name thisprojectsomething", and it tells me.... wait for it... "No project selected". Goddammit, I'm screaming now, how the hell can I select a project then if you won't let me create one??! Where do projects *come* from, anyway, does the stork bring them? 
> Maybe I have to set the directory, so I type in "dir /path/to/my/project". But it is not to be. I'm told, and I'm sure you can guess this now, "No project selected".
> The GUI LASH client gives me the same song and dance, but with dialog boxes and greyed-out options instead of the ubiquitous "No project selected" message instead.
> Basically, what I want to do, is to save the current state of all my LASH-enabled apps, somewhere, with a project name (preferably in the nice project directory where most of the files are anyway).
> What am I doing wrong?
> -ken
rtm. README has a good example of how this works.
To get an idea of what it can do, I suggest doing this:

$ ./configure
$ make
# make install
$ lashd

then, in different consoles, run lash_panel and lash_synth.  Make
some Jack and Alsa Sequencer connections to the synth using aconnect and
jack_connect (or your patch bay of choice).

Play around with the settings of lash_synth, and click "Save Project" in the
control panel (you'll have to select a directory to save to).  Then click
"Close Project" and all running LASH clients should exit, and the project
tab in lash_panel should disappear.

Now use the "File->Open Session" menu item to open your saved project.  The
synth (and any other runnings LASH clients) should restart, and all the Jack
and Alsa MIDI connections should be restored.  Phat.

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