[linux-audio-user] Re: glissando intro

Carlo Capocasa capocasa at gmx.net
Mon Feb 20 18:02:44 EST 2006

> Success! The pitch wheel works, although the movement is very limited.
> With brightness I haven't noticed any effect at all. --Hans


For the pitch wheel, MIDI controllers can only go from 0 to 127, and
it's up to the sound application on how to interpret that. The MIDI
standard says applications should go from -1 to 1 semi-tone by default,
which is probably the limitation you are experiencing.

Same goes for sound brightness, the sound application decides if it is
interpreted at all and if yes, how much.

I only tested ZynAddSubFX and amSynth so far, for Zyn you can click the
'Controllers' button in the main window and crank up FltCut all the way
and set PWheelBRing to 1200% (=12 semitones=1 octave). That lets you do
some pretty Phatt effects.

amSynth is nice because you can set any controller to control any
parameter, which is infinetly flexible... You even see the Knobs turning
when you operate controllers, which is almost like magic and looks real

For other synths, Shelljam will be more flexible soon, as soon as I
finish my implementation of XML-based definition files and the
instrument plugin system.

To: Anyone. If you wanna help, mail me! (or just code and patch me up)
in any case I'm more than happy to help.

capocasa -X-X-AT-X-X- gmx -Y-Y-Y-dot-Y-Y-Y- net.


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