[linux-audio-user] Problem possibly RT related?

Alberto Botti alberto.botti at gmail.com
Sun Jan 1 16:29:05 EST 2006

Il giorno dom, 01/01/2006 alle 15.48 -0500, Lee Revell ha scritto:
> That driver looks like a piece of junk.  It's clearly a quick and dirty
> port of Windows code (the comments refer to running in "DPC context" and
> IRQ priority levels which do not exist on Linux).  And there seems to be
> nothing stopping it from doing a LOT of work in (soft) IRQ context, like
> decryption.
> I don't understand why these developers would choose to develop their
> driver outside the Linux kernel.  It obviously will need a LOT of work
> to be mergeable.

The current driver (divided into rt2400 and rt2500) was developed
externally by Ralink and later relicensed under the GPL, and it's
probably a direct port of their Windows driver.

The rt2x00 developers are currently rewriting the entire codebase (under
the name rt2x00 Open Source Project), bringing it closer to inclusion in
the mainstream kernel.

Don't forget that Ralink cards are some of the better supported wireless
interfaces available for Linux, having a completely GPL driver which
doesn't need external binary firmware.

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