[linux-audio-user] Problem possibly RT related?

Alberto Botti alberto.botti at gmail.com
Sun Jan 1 16:57:52 EST 2006

Il giorno dom, 01/01/2006 alle 16.39 -0500, Lee Revell ha scritto:
> Yeah I was looking at the old driver.  The old one looks like Windows
> code, the new one looks like proper Linux kernel code.
> Do you know what's keeping the new driver out of the kernel?  Is it the
> current confusion over the availability of multiple ieee80211 stacks?

It's still a beta driver, They probably want to stabilize it further
before proposing it for inclusion.

>From their latest release annuncement:
"This will be the last BETA release before our migration to a new core ieee80211 stack."

p.s. I've recently bought one of these wireless PCI cards and I'm still using
the old driver (which appears to work perfectly). I think I've now found what was
causing so many xrun lately :)

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