[linux-audio-user] Help: Audiotrak Maya 44 USB doesn't work

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Jan 2 10:48:15 EST 2006

Harri Tuomela hat gesagt: // Harri Tuomela wrote:
> Hotplug didn't load the OSS audio module (called 'audio'). I checked
> that with lsmod.  However, I added it into blacklist, but the problem
> still remains.

Hm, now I'm a bit at loss. If you can do this, then I would try a
newer kernel. 2.6.8 is a bit old already. It might be, that there are
issues in other areas, for example with your USB controller, that may
be fixed in current kernels. You could also do a test with some live
distribution first that uses ALSA and a newer kernel like Ubuntu. 

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